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Virus Removal/Audits Terms and Conditions:

  • Craig Edwards shall not be responsible for replacing any defective hardware components for any reason. While advice may be given on which components are recommended for any given situation, any components which are found to be defective must be replaced by the customer. If faulty hardware is determined to be the cause of the system issues, then the full cost must still be paid.
  • Where multiple viruses are found on the same system the cost for virus removal remains the same
  • A higher price may incur if multiple systems are to be disinfected. If this is the case, the costs incurred will be determined and agreed upon before work starts.
  • Craig Edwards will not offer discounts, monetary or otherwise unless agreed beforehand in writing.
  • The customer agrees that the area in which the computer is to be examined and disinfected is safe, and void of electrical hazards or any other health and safety risks.
  • Where free software is installed, no support will be offered with said software. The software provided has its own technical support which may be found online.
  • Craig Edwards will install any existing anti virus or other software, if it is available for use and the customer asks Craig Edwards to do so. The customer assumes all responsibility for correct and legal licensing of any software that is installed.

Shell Hosting Terms and Conditions:

  • No content deemed illegal will be permitted on the servers, or should be allowed to pass through the servers.
  • It is the shell account holder's responsibility to perform backups. We do not gaurantee that data will not be lost or corrupted.
  • We may delete, move, or deny access to any content at any time.
  • In the event of a voilation of these terms and conditions your account will be closed pending investigation, and if it is later terminated, there will be no refund.
  • Payments for shell hosting are monthly, in advance either via cheque (Payable to 'Craig Edwards') or via PayPal.
  • We may temporarily suspend your account if it is causing consumption of a large amount of resources (disk, cpu, bandwidth) until we can speak to you to fix it.

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